Tributary is both the name of an subaquatic city, and the campaign in which it is the centerpiece. The city resides withing a massive air bubble at the bottom of the ocean, and ingress and egress are only possible with the permission and help of the ‘queen’, Epithyma.

Tributary is a city made of treasure and trash. The servants of Epithyma salvage valuables from across the ocean floor and the residents of Tributary use these materials in whatever way they can to construct their city. Everything from the repurposed hulls of great ships to the carefully balanced archways taken from ancient waterlogged temples decorate the streets. The city has a unique mix of both valuable materials and shoddy construction- otherwise priceless ancient plaques more likely to be used as a serving dishes than hung on a wall.

The residents of Tributary are a disparate lot that can most easily classified into three catagories.
h2. Champions
Entirely for the amusement of Epithyma, those with enough power, accolades, or potential might find their vessel sinking, and their liferafts pulled towards an incredible maelstrom. After being sucked beneath the surface they awake in Tributary, and with the guidance of a sponsor they are entered into a series of competitions in the ever changing arena in order to both test their mettle, grow their strength, and earn rewards.

Epithyma views warriors who she captures as her treasures, and the life threatening challenges she throws at them are her way of testing their strength and growing her investment.

When a vessel is sunk, not only the heroes are pulled under. While anyone with the spirit is given a chance to fight and earn both power and status, those who end up in tributary without the skills to fight simply become part of the city. These individuals are truly what the city is built on, as they run the pubs, craft the weapons, prepare the food, and build the structures.

There exist a number of entities in Tributary who have been around longer than anyone else there (although this isn’t saying much due to the high turnover rate). These people are almost invariably linked to the games in some way, and many of them either refuse to talk, or don’t know about their pasts.


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